When Life Gives You Marshmallows… Make S’mores

Every time we have a power outage, I am reminded of a time when my kids were little, and the electricity was out for a few hours. The boys had become restless waiting for the lights to come on, so I suggested we roast mini-marshmallows on toothpicks over a candle flame.  I’m not sure if…
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Honey, It’s Time … For Spring

The pains are getting closer.  It’s time to grab your bag and head to the hospital. Hopefully the labor won’t last too long. After your baby arrives, you will forget the pain of childbirth — and might even choose to go through it again someday. I’ve decided that must be the mindset we use in…
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The Eyes Have It … Aging Is Not For Sissies

  I still remember the moment I put on my first pair of glasses when I was 9 years old.  I looked across the street, and was pleasantly surprised I could see the leaves on the trees. I didn’t realize that was normal. When I got to be 16, hard contacts were popular, and like…
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Evening Out The Odds Of Communicating With Kids

By Beth Diane Bradley I recently had the pleasure of reading stories to my partner’s 18-month-old grandson. I showed him different books, trying to determine which ones he wanted me to read. When we got to Frosty the Snowman, I decided it would be fun to sing the lyrics. This apparently did not please Jaxon,…
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Come Fly With Me.

Come Fly With Me, Bobwhite

by Beth Diane Bradley IT’S happened twice. I’ve approached the door of my house, and pushed the button on my car key, expecting the door to open.  The first time I thought maybe I was losing it, but decided it might be best to laugh it off.  After it happened again, I read 3 articles…
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