Blogging — Not Jogging — Around The World Wide Web


By Beth Diane Bradley

Is this thing on?  Testing…1… 2… 3…screech!  It took forever, but I have arrived.  I have a blog!  Friends have been telling me I should have a blog for years now because I am a writer and writers have blogs.  The problem is I am a bit technically challenged—whether it’s my age, or the fact my left brain resembles a raisin– it’s hard to say.  But I’m one of those baby boomers who started out typing my college journalism papers on a manual typewriter, so please be patient with me.  I do like computers and I am learning more all the time.

In the 80’s, I fell in love with what we then called word processing, as it didn’t require liquid paper – except in a blond joke you may have heard. But this blond had not yet learned how to use a mouse.   When it was time to master the skill, I didn’t mind swallowing my pride to ask for help from my oldest son, who was then a highly computer-savvy 5-year-old.  He rose to the challenge and had me clicking and scooting like a pro in no time.  Fast forward to 2012, and you will find a mother with a flashy cordless mouse, and a son with a successful career in computer networking.

So now the flashy cordless mouse has led me to the world of blogs. But this time I have to jump the technology hurdles with no five year old consultant by my side.  As of today, I have only bugged a newspaper staffer twice and emailed my sister – a blogging pro – a dozen times.  If you are reading this, then it means that yes, “this thing is on,” and I am communicating with, well, my sister, who promised to subscribe– and the one or two other people who have figured out I have posted something to my blog, and that’s a start.  They say anything can be accomplished with baby steps, right?  Eventually, I’ll be jogging, woops, I mean blogging like a pro!



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