Happy New Year!

It’s actually a favorite holiday of mine.  I love the opportunity New Year’s Day creates to reflect on the past year with gratitude, while shining a light towards hope and renewal for 12 more months.  We can do that any time, but our daily activities clutter our minds and sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  Having a day off with no set traditions, obligations or “rules,” makes it easier to contemplate your navel as they used to say!

The tradition of New Year’s resolutions notoriously broken by most of us may create an idea we harbor an illusion life can or should be perfect.  But for me, it’s more a welcoming of change, because the obvious passing of time makes that seem more possible. In reality, it’s just another day, but it seems like a missed opportunity not to reflect and take advantage of the positive energy the New Year can bring.

I have already made two cooking blunders this holiday.  My New Year’s Eve appetizer did not turn out as well as it should have – yes, you do need to use the finely shredded cheese — and this morning my breakfast entrée was also mediocre.  So I have already been forced to accept a lack of perfection in the new year.  Up next is a kettle of soup for me, and some cookies to mail to the son I did not get to see this Christmas.  Let’s hope “three’s a charm” works in the kitchen.

I wish you all the best in 2013!  And if the number 13 bothers you – or if you just want to share a laugh with me for a minute or two — be sure to read my essay “As Luck Would Have it … 2013 Should Be a Good Year.”