Hark The Herald Pilgrims Sing

by Beth Diane Bradley

She’s learned to live with it. Her sister is the popular one, even though she arrives first every year. She just doesn’t get the attention she deserves, despite a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and those noble historical roots. If you enjoy sharing a meal with family and friends, you’ll like her just fine. She’s a straight shooter – just ask a turkey!

People never complain she is too commercial. A simple trip to the grocery store meets her needs.  Even her decorations are edible.  She couldn’t be more humble, more down-to-earth. But all they notice is her sister — with all her lights, tinsel and wassailing. Not to mention baby Jesus.  Who could compete with that?

And as soon as her feast is devoured, she’s pushed out the door by Black Friday — the name says it all. After one stuffing-filled moment of grace, it’s all over for her until next year. But before she goes, she always leaves a few left overs in the fridge for you to enjoy as you put up your Christmas tree, and do your shopping. Thanksgiving is just thoughtful that way.


7 Responses

  1. I agree with your thoughts here. When I start hearing about Christmas promotions before Halloween I inwardly – and sometimes outwardly – groan. It’s sad that a holiday that should focus on gratitude doesn’t have a chance anymore because it’s become a national launching pad for Christmas spending. Thanks for a thoughtful, well done piece. Wonderful, as always.

    1. bethdiane

      Thanks, Carol!
      and other than that, I was just having fun with it –accepting the things we cannot change. Have some lemonade … 🙂

      1. Kathleen B. Cunningham

        I just made the dressing and will stuff the bird tomorrow night……..love cooking for company 🙂 You have a great Thanksgiving too.

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