When Life Gives You Marshmallows… Make S’mores

Every time we have a power outage, I am reminded of a time when my kids were little, and the electricity was out for a few hours. The boys had become restless waiting for the lights to come on, so I suggested we roast mini-marshmallows on toothpicks over a candle flame.  I’m not sure if they remember that, but it still makes me smile.

My goal at the time was to relieve their boredom. But I hope they learned something besides how to make tiny S’mores.  It’s a lesson I need to learn over and over again myself. Because the saying “life happens while you’re making plans” is often true.  When I can adjust to what “is” and go with the flow, the new reality is often even better.

According to Google, the sweetness of the marshmallow plant was discovered by the ancient Egyptians. But roasted marshmallows didn’t make their debut until 1927, when the Girl Scouts  published a recipe for S’mores in their handbook. Although it’s not clear as to when or how it became popular to roast them over a fire.

My theory is the Girl Scouts had a hole in their canoe and thought a nice gooey marshmallow would plug it up.  But when their canoe sank, they decided to eat the rest of the roasted marshmallows because they tasted better that way — and sat around telling ghost stories until someone picked them up.  Yes, I’m almost positive that’s what happened!

I guess in this story, necessity is not the mother of invention. But we can value the relationships formed or strengthened, and the memories created, when our world is temporarily turned upside down.

And if you conjure up a ghost while the lights are out,  just give him a roasted marshmallow.


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  1. This made me smile, too! It’s amazing what we’ll do to get our kids through stuff. Often those challenges bring out our best. Thanks for another good essay – and another chance to smile.

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