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I was born a writer.  That’s not to boast that I excel at writing.  What I mean is I was born with a writer’s personality — regardless of whether I ever activated the gene. For example, I tend to observe those around me with great interest, and often wish I could write their life stories. Or I find myself writing about dumb things like biting into a bullet while eating a piece of meat. You get the idea.

I graduated from MSUM with a degree in mass communications in 1983, and have spent most of my career in non-profit public relations and sales. I enjoy business writing as part of my day job, but my true passion is creative writing — especially humor.

I read some of my blog posts on Prairie Public Broadcasting’s North Dakota radio network (listen online at prairiepublic.org) during “Main Street” aired at 3:00 CDT Monday through Friday.

My personal interests are many, focusing mainly around the arts and nature.  Two grown men call me mom, but my nest is not empty. A pair of hound dogs has moved into my home and heart. And yes, some days I have the urge to write their life stories as well!

Thank you for visiting my blog,

Beth Diane Bradley



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  1. Hi Beth. I came across your blog via Twitter and wanted you to know that the conference for which I am the Founder & Director – We Move Forward – offers bloggers a discount on registration, and if not interested in attending, we also offer bloggers the opportunity to write guests blogs and have your blog noted on our blog roll. Please take a look at the WMF webite and see if this conference – for Boomer Women who want value living life with passion & purpose – speaks to you.

    I look forward to your reply.

    1. bethdiane

      Thank you for sharing this. It looks like a wonderful experience. I’m afraid I can’t afford to attend, but maybe another year.

    2. bethdiane

      Hi Janeen,
      I didn’t see you complete message to me when I wrote the first reply. If there is a way to have my blog noted on the blog role, that would be wonderful. I would also be interested in finding out more about writing guest blogs and what that involves.
      Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

      Beth Diane Bradley

  2. Midlife Collage is looking for submissions in our free-entry contests. We run weekly, online writing contests for a cash prize. Perhaps you would be eligible and interested in submitting a short story. Please see our Submissions page for the guidelines and contest rules. Go to our Calendar page and watch the short videos for topic ideas. Thank you.

  3. Just discovered your writing. Very enjoyable and educational. If you are ever in Central PA and would like to see our Historic Preservation/New Markets Tax Credit building designed for those 55+ who want to live in downtown Lancaster, PA, let me know.


  4. Hi,

    I just found your site and wanted to invite you to guest post on our site Retirement And Good Living.

    Earlier this year we launched our site at http://retirementandgoodliving.com that provides information on a variety of topics including finances, health, hobbies, travel, retirement locations, volunteering, part time work and much more to boomers, recent retirees and others thinking about or planning for retirement.

    Currently the blog section of our site is comprised entirely of posts by guests on a variety of topics. To date over 100 guests from around the globe provided posts to our blog.

    Please send me an email if interested and I will send additional details.



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